Donation Refund Policy

Purpose & Scope of the Policy


SwaTaleem Foundation has instituted a donation refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations as digital payments are becoming more frequent. All donations are disbursed in a timely fashion to SwaTaleem Foundation supported projects working with students to ensure that the program objectives are met.

SwaTaleem Foundation India has developed a donation refund policy as part of our commitment to honoring and respecting the financial contributions that people make to SwaTaleem Foundation. We recognize the importance of donations and want to ensure we establish appropriate principles of transparency and fairness with regard to the management of refunds.

This policy applies to all those who make financial donations to SwaTaleem Foundation and to SwaTaleem Foundation employees and volunteers responsible for processing and managing financial donations.


Rules for Refund:


This policy is made to put into process if some donor requests for refund of donation made to SwaTaleem Foundation. The rules applicable are as followed:

  • If an error is made in donating or if the donor changes their mind, we will honor all requests for refund that are made in writing within 15 (fifteen) days of the date the donation was made.
  • The written request stating reason for requesting refund must be sent to the Email address stated below and must :
~ Date of Donation

~ Donation amount

~ If donation was made through cheque/draft, please provide Cheque/Draft no.

~If donation was made through credit card, please provide Credit Card no. (last 4 digits only).

~ If donation was made online, please provide Donation-ID

~ Email:


  • Based on the written request from a donor, amount is adjusted by SwaTaleem Foundation, the original donor receipt issued for the incorrect amount will become invalid and a new receipt will be issued by SwaTaleem Foundation for the adjusted donation
  • SwaTaleem Foundation reserves the right to pass any refund transaction charged onto the donor
  • Refunds will be returned using the original method of payment.
  • However, SwaTaleem Foundation is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its discrejon, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly if a tax exemption certificate has been issued



The policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of SwaTaleem Foundation on 22nd August 2022. All decisions of SwaTaleem Foundation in this regard will be final and binding on the donor.


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