The best way to find yourself is

to lose yourself in the service of others.

M. K. Gandhi

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With the philosophy that knowledge should be shared and open for all, please feel free to use the resources here. All that we expect from you in return is to give us credit where it is due and share any feedback with us. The resources are divided into two types of sessions, Cluster Sessions and In-School Sessions. Cluster Sessions are the sessions facilitated for a group of Teachers. In this case, they took place primarily with the teachers of Mewat. In-School Sessions are a series of sessions, facilitated directly with Girls of KGBVs

STEM, Gender, and Socio-emotional Skills

Panipat 2018-2019

Panipat 2019-2020

English as Second Language, Gender, and Socio-emotional Skills

Mewat 2018-2019

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