Collaboration – NCERT and SwaTaleem

Mewat, 27-28 February, 2019

A 2 day workshop was conducted for 50 government teachers (KGBV teachers, special educators and other government school teachers) in KGBV-Nuh, Mewat on the issues identified after visiting KGBVs in Mewat and talking to district education officials in a 3 day need assessment (conducted by Prof Anupam Ahuja and Arunima from NCERT and Arzoo from Swataleem). The issues that were picked up during the workshop are:

  1. Inclusion – Need, Rights and Creating platforms in Schools
  2. Reproductive health
  3. Locomotor Disability
  4. Visual impairment
  5. Intellectual disabilities
  6. Autism
  7. Hearing Impairment
  8. Minority Education

This was spearheaded by Prof Anupam Ahuja and Arunima from NCERT. The things that teachers appreciated and mentioned in their feedback forms were:

  1. Experiencing peer learning and group learning
  2. Reproductive health discussed in a mix group of males and females
  3. The sensitization on children with special needs were not limited to just special educators and involved all the educators.
  4. Techniques for inclusion in schools

Teachers really appreciated that NCERT training is happening in their school rather than in NCERT.

The learning for us to improve upon as a group is to ensure to pick up less content and have more continuous engagement through various means for an effective outcome.

What was fascinating to see was to see an NCERT workshop happening in premises of KGBV in Mewat. It was a collaborative effort of KGBV teachers, special educators other government school teachers  and District education officials.

Looking for more such collaborations to make KGBVs as examples of excellence.


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